Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful/Grateful #2 and 3

Recently we took a 3 HOUR bus trip for a volleyball game. In high school, bus trips were often anywhere from 1-4 hours. No big deal, when you don’t know anything else it’s just fine. When I started coaching in Utah, we had ONE, 1 hour bus ride, all season long. Everyone else we play has been 20 minutes away, at the MOST. Needless to say, I had grown accustomed to short bus trips! So when they realigned our region (league) this year, someone so NICELY volunteered to have a high school 3 hours away in our region! Obviously I say this sarcastically, and am rambling. Anyways! I feel worse for them, they have to travel 3 hours once a week, we just have to do it once a season. Thus the reason for the 3 hour bus ride and the point of this post! :)

We as coaches had a brilliant idea to leave early, get to the school, have a little picnic lunch, and then get ready to play. We assigned everything one thing to bring, and had quite the lunch! SO much food! Anyways, also beside the point! :) While sitting around eating lunch, we started by talking about middle names. We were kind of spread out all over the grass so some girls on the team didn’t really hear our conversation. More on that to come later. We sat around wasting time, chit chatting, and ended up trying to guess others middle names. There were the normal Ann, Marie, Elizabeth, typical middle names. When they got to me, they all began guessing. To no avail, since I don’t have a middle name. At one point in the little guessing game, one of the girls said, I know it! It’s Bobillian.

Jillian Bobillian Thackeray.

Really? Bobillian?

At which point I responded, if that was my middle name, my parents must have HATED me! The girls spread out overheard what I said and asked why my parents hated me? (How many conversations do we overhear that are totally taken out of context? :) haha) The girls in our conversation said, because her middle name is Bobillian! The girls who overheard this were like really? That’s your name! They totally believed it! Again... really? Bobillian?! The joke went on for a little while at which point I informed them I had no middle name.

I’m grateful my parents didn’t hate me and give me the middle name Bobillian! (#2)

And I’m grateful for a gullible team, who definitely makes me laugh or sometimes scream every day! :) Seriously though, they are great! (#3)

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