Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thackeray Family Picnic

Well... the answer is: YES! I'm still alive. Barely. :) It's Fall Break this weekend and I'm in Lubbock, Texas visiting Katelyn, Mike, Daylin, and Baby Boy Olsen! It's fantastic to finally have a break! And the weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Texas! So now... on to catching up!

To end the summer, we had our Thackeray Family Picnic! I love getting together with all the Thackeray cousins! It's always a good time!

Ladder golf was a hit! It was McKenzie and I, against the boys! We were so good, the boys were BEGGING to be on our team. You think I'm kidding? Totally not. Us girls have AMAZING ladder golf skills! :)

After the party, I spent the rest of the weekend at Aunt Janene's. Katy and I made cute little flowers!

As always, LOVE my family! Immediate and Extended! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Someday... I will be ALL caught up so that I have time to sit down and blog! I once again have lots to blog about. But until then, for those who haven't heard, I got a job at Springville High School as a Special Education English teacher. Put that on top of coaching and I'm about ready to have a meltdown! :) Let's just say I'm ready for the long weekend! Perhaps I will have time to get caught up then! One could only hope! I feel extremely blessed though, and life is definitely good!