Monday, November 16, 2009


Can you say failure? I think so! Busiest 2 weeks in awhile! Full of WAY TOO MANY things to do (details to come I'm sure... maybe?), and I haven't been a very good time manager! Normally one of my strong suits! So I've been slacking! Anyways... it in no way means I am not grateful... I will catch up on every single day! Don't you even worry! Until then... enjoy this! Because pretty much every time I watch it I just laugh! It's not even THAT funny... but yet, I find myself practically in tears everytime! So for today... we'll say... I'm grateful for my little brothers! Because not only are they entertaining they're probably some of the coolest people I know... even though I may not always you know express that to them! :) So this should be "thankful/grateful #16"! Only twelve to catch up on... no big deal!

Wade (in the red shirt), Troy (the cameraman), and Kyle (Wade's friend) having a grand 'ol time in Etna!

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