Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful/Grateful 19-21

Thankful Day 19: It’s funny, since doing these thankful posts, as I go throughout the days I’m thinking of things that I am grateful for. Maybe I should do this at other times other than just during Thanksgiving, because I am truly very blessed. Today I’m grateful for the ability to talk. At practice, I was trying to explain something and my throat was hurting and voice cracking and the thought crossed my mind, what if I couldn’t speak on a daily basis. How sad I would be. I mentioned it earlier. I take so many of the every-day things for granted, things like talking, walking, hearing, etc. I would be quite distraught if I wasn't able to do some of these things!

Thankful Day 20: Music. I didn’t used to be a big fan of listening to music, but I listen all the time now. Doesn’t matter if I’m getting ready in the morning, working on a project, or driving somewhere, music of some kind is usually on. Isn’t it great when you’re listening and a song comes on and it reminds you of someone or something and can just make your whole day that much better! Some friends and I were driving somewhere, I can’t remember what we were doing or where we were going, but throughout the car ride a song would come on, and we would say what it reminded us of. Things were said like, seventh grade, sophomore year of high school, prom, senior year of college, etc. I can associate many different songs to different times or memories throughout my life. It always makes me smile!

Thankful Day 21: Sporting Events. This doesn't come as a surprise to most of you! Pretty much what most of my life revolves around! I was reading through one of those shoeboxes full of notes (see Thankful/Grateful Day 17) and one of my old roommates said, "I have never watched so much sports since I met you." :) This weekend was a fun filled weekend of sports! Friday, the Springville High School (school that I coach for) football team was playing for the 4A State Championship. It’d been the first time they’d been to the championship game in like 25 years, so it was kind of a big deal and it was so fun to see everyone get so excited about it. Unfortunately they lost…. But it was a beautiful day outside, the atmosphere was fantastic, (despite being at Rice Eccles Stadium, home of the University Utah Utes! BOOOOO!) and the feelings associated with a state championship game are something difficult to describe, but so amazing! There's nothing like it. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. The losing part. Not so fun. It brought back bad memories of losing our girl’s state championship basketball game last year. Unfortunately when you lose the last game of your season, you don't think about the great season you had up to that point, or the memories you had getting there. Someone has to lose, and it sucks when you're on the losing end. The thing that hopefully down the road everyone involved will remember, are the feelings of just being a part of it! It is something that is hard to describe! But so awesome to be a part of. I have been lucky to have participated and look forward to more to come! :)

Springville is in the red!

And... when I got home, I was checking out our local sports website, and there was this picture. I'm glad they didn't have to play in something like this!

Yes that is one foot of snow! No thank you!

I also got to go to the Jazz game last night. It was a great game and they won in overtime!

Thanks Genna for inviting me. And thanks to the Averett family for free tickets and such great seats! :)

There are very few things that I enjoy more than going to a ball game (of any kind) or watching a ball game (of any kind)! Bring on Thanksgiving and all that ball game watching! :)

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  1. "Averett family" now there's a Springville name... I bet I went to school with a relative. Also: THERE IS STILL TIME AND ROOM TO COME DOWN TO LUBBOCK FOR THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER.... just say'n :)