Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happenings of 2011

Once you hear what's been going on as of late, I think you'll realize why there has been a lack of blogging. It's nothing exciting... just LOTS of stuff! So in  no particular order... some happenings of 2011 so far!

We had an end of the year Spider party. It was fun to see all the girls again! Here we all are! I will miss coaching them during the summer! It was such a fun group!
 We had a baby shower for Kim! The hostesses did a fantastic job and we had a great time!
Been to a few BYU women's basketball games. Finally going to get to see Jimmer and the men's basketball team in person this season on Saturday! Thank you Rosemary for the ticket! 
Today was Hayley Friden's farewell. She is off to serve a mission in Richmond, Virginia. She gave a great talk and we had great food at her house after! Good luck Hayley! You will be an awesome missionary! Thanks for being such a good example!
And drum roll for the most recent (and most stressful) happening of 2011...
I just recently started classes for my Master's degree in Special Education! Everything is online, so I can continue to teach and coach. I take one class every eight weeks, and  take a total of eight classes. I am learning valuable lessons in organizing and prioritizing! Pray that I survive these next eight weeks. By that point, we'll know whether or not I'm going to be able to handle teaching, coaching, and going back to school! 

2011 has treated me well so far! I've definitely been blessed!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jimmer... You are my hero!

Uh.... YES. He made this shot. Look how freaking far out he is! Money. Go Cougars!

Here's some video footage. He's so entertaining to watch!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I’ve been kind of negative lately and coming up with WAY too many “things I hate right now” lists! :) Not literally… but in my head! Lots of things have been annoying me! So I decided I should try and be positive and start making a “Things I loved about last year list!” Maybe that would take my mind off of the “I hate everything” attitude! So… things that I loved from last year (broken down by month).

  • A full time subbing job at Springville High School while Nancy was on maternity leave. Loved teaching health, and got to teach some awesome kids!
  • Family Parties/watching Rosemary speak at BYU devotional.
  • Undefeated 4A Girls Basketball State Champions! It was an exciting day! And so fun to be a part of!
  • March Madness! :) 
  • I got hired as an assistant softball coach at Springville! Three sports in one school year!Ah! Loved every bit of it though!
  • Spring break! Good times going home for a few days, then flying to Oklahoma to watch Ashley play softball and hang out with the Harris’!  
  • Waking up to fish on my doorstep and other softball adventures! 
  • The end of another school year! 
  • Volleyball, basketball, and softball camps/summer stuff!
  • Tandy’s visit to Utah! We got to do a lot of fun things for a couple of weeks!
  • Spending a month at home with the family! Trips to the cabin, to the lake, to the coast! Enjoying the summer time! I miss the warm weather!
  • FINALLY getting a full time teaching job at Springville High School teaching resource English, Reading, and Study Skills. It was well worth the wait! Love the new job!
  • Trying to survive coaching, teaching, and working for the company in Arizona! I have great friends who helped me survive with encouragement, dinners, hanging out, and the best book I’ve read in awhile “The Race.”
  • A trip to Texas for Fall Break to visit Mike and Katelyn! Great to see them after so long!
  • Harris’ dropping off a pumpkin from my mother, having dinner, and watching the Giants quest to win a World Series!
  • Thanksgiving at home for the first time since like my freshmen year of college!
  • Duke vs. U of O basketball game in Portland! Sooooo awesome!
  • Christmas with the family! Nothing like being home for the holidays! It was too short!
I had a very good year and was definitely blessed! I didn't even mention a quarter of the good things that happened! These were just a few of the highlights! Too often, I fail to remember the many things that I’m blessed with everyday! Here’s to being a little more positive, even when things aren’t going how I want them to! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baseline... Suicide... GO!

At practice yesterday we got to the "conditioning" part of practice! Everyone is on the baseline. We say, "Suicide... GO!" They have to wait for "GO" before they can start running! They all run their "suicide" (free throw line, baseline, half court, baseline, other free throw line, baseline, other baseline, baseline). Everyone knows what A suicide is right? Others might call it a ladder? (After yesterday... maybe that's what we'll start calling it?) ANYWAYS!

After they run their first suicide, they're all waiting on the baseline for us to tell them what to do next. After a quick break (because we're not totally heartless :) haha) we say, "Suicide... GO!" In sync, all at the same time, they make a gun with their fingers and shoot themselves, and fall to the ground. Holli, Britt, and I look at each other, and are like, "Did they really just do that?" We are so dumbfounded that 1) they did it. 2) That they were all in sync! 3) That they did it at the same time without acknowledging (at least that we could tell) that they were going to do it! We had no idea when they could have planned it? Apparently the planning went down during Christmas break, but they forgot to do it before the first suicide, and somehow remembered while running!

Anyways... appropriate? No. Probably not. Funny? Totally! They didn't mean anything bad by it and they thought they were just SO clever and funny for coming up with it! I went home that night and couldn't stop smiling about it! Too funny! But, we of course had a nice chat about suicide, with me being the health major and all. I of course reminded them that "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

After their little dramatization they all quickly got up and ran their suicide! One of the funniest moments of practice thus far this season!