Wednesday, November 4, 2009


One of my friends is doing a “grateful/thankful” post, every day until Thanksgiving. I decided I would start! So this gives me an easy subject to write about each day, and it means I will hopefully be more frequent in my blog updates! I will do a couple to get caught up for today! Yes I am subbing, yes they are just reading, so I need something to do :)!

Thankful #1: I am grateful for the internet so that I can update this lovely blog. It's very nice to have it when subbing and the students are doing something that I can't necessarily help with. It can make for a boring day. Having the internet is a lifesaver! We have been without the past few days at our apartment, and it’s rather inconvenient. Survivable but inconvenient! :)Hooray for modern technology and things like the internet!

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