Monday, June 25, 2012

I Love Summer! :)

I LOVE SUMMER! :) For more reasons than one. No school, sleeping in (although I haven't done much of that), sunburns, sunshine, the list could go on. The summer has been pretty jam packed so far. It seems like it's been non-stop! Here is the proof...
 I don't have too many pictures! But there's been some fun times! I'll give a brief recap (for remembering sake... although it'll be boring so you can just skip on down to the pictures if you'd like).

BYU Basketball Camp was fun as always! We played TONS of games between the three teams. We were able to eat Brick Oven as a team one day. It was a great weekend!

SLCC Volleyball Camp was a new experience! But we also got tons of games in! It was NOT fun commuting every day! SO MUCH TRAFFIC! There is no way I would be able to do that on a daily basis! The teams did well!

Brigham City Softball Tournament was a BLAST. I was the only coach there, so that was a little interesting. But the girls did so well and we had a great time. We won our pool. Then won our first tournament game, lost, won, and lost. So overall, we were 4-2 for the weekend! WAY more games than we won last year! Good memories!

Dixie Basketball Camp... pictures to come with this one! This was our 2nd year going to Dixie and it did not disappoint! A week full of fun! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking! :)

Monday we headed down to Dixie. The drive was uneventful which was nice. We checked into the hotel, coaches went to a meeting, and then we started games. The games were spread out, with only a few overlapping games, so we got to watch everyone's games and still had time for breaks in between.
Coaches at Pizza Factory
This is how the girls kept themselves occupied throughout the games. Cheerleading pyramids and the animal game! :)
One day we had like a 3 hour break, so we took naps, watched Tangled, and played some Phase 10.
 We also had nights off where we could watch the NBA Finals. Unfortunately... the Heat won... and this was the reception that I got. Such good winners... rubbing it in!
Other times were spent swimming in the pool...
The camp puts on a 2 minute tournament. We decided to do one of our own. We had each of the girls talk to each other for 2 minutes and learn everything they could about that person. Then at the end we played a little trivia game! It was a fun night! :)
We went to Sand Hollow before heading home!
It was such a fun week! So many great memories! The beginning of summer has treated me well so far! It is going by WAY too fast! We got back from Dixie and I headed home the next morning! Home for a couple weeks, then right back at it! It'll be nice to have a "break" so to speak! :) I LOVE SUMMER! :)