Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Game Ever Invented

I'm addicted. I admit it. It's been an addiction for awhile now. I'm finally coming to terms with it ;). I've passed my bad habit on to others. I feel bad about it. But it's just so much fun. Perhaps some priorities should change. Other than this, not much is new.

We had a kids softball clinic on Saturday. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Outside from 9-4, lots of sun and softball. It was great. I love, love, love, spring. Hope the weather stays like this for awhile! Forever, would be preferable.

Blake blessed his cute little baby today. We had a great time. Why? Because Thackeray parties are the BEST, duh!

Afterwards, Jess, Janna, Tracy, and I stopped by the temple, and took a couple of pictures, along with fifty billion other people.

It was a good weekend. And now... onto another week. A busy week. There's graduations to be celebrated, lots of work to be done, and 6 softball games in 6 days. Yes, you heard me right. We have a game EVERY SINGLE day of this upcoming week! Bring it on. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seven States... Eight Days! :)

Spring Break was a blast this year! Like the title says, I hit seven states in eight days. Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma! :)

Last week, Aunt Janene, Jordan, Katy, Hayley, Tina, Khalid, and I piled in the car and began the road trip to California. We hit a lovely snow storm about 10 miles from McCloud all the way til we got home. Thankfully Aunt Janene took over driving, or I would have been a wreck (some may say I already was.... but I could have been WAY WORSE!). There was soooo much snow.

It was nice to finally be home and be able to relax for a few days. There's always something about going home. Love it. Highlights: our national championship party (see blog post below), family dinners, lots of Wii playing, and being with family.

Mom and Wade took me to the airport Thursday to catch my flight to Oklahoma to watch Ashley play softball. It was quite the adventure. I originally was supposed to fly from Medford to San Francisco to Denver to Tulsa. We had boarded the flight and were preparing for takeoff. However there was a delay, because they had hit a BIRD on the way to Medford, so they were waiting to make sure everything was good to go and one of the people from inside the airport comes to the plane and says, "Is there a passenger Thackeray on board?" She continued to tell me I was not going to make my connecting flights, so they re-routed me to Salt Lake to MINNESOTA to Tulsa. Minnesota? I know, I thought it was a little strange. I was thankful they were looking out for me though. Medford airport is the best! :)

We arrived in Salt Lake and the flight was delayed to Minnesota because they had an "issue" in LA, and the security level had been raised to orange. Awesome. We finally left for Minnesota at 5:40 pm.

My flight to Tulsa was supposed to leave Minnesota at 9:20 pm. We arrived in Minnesota at 8:50. Thirty minutes to get to my gate. I'm thinking, no problem. By the time everyone gets their stuff and gets off the plane it's 9:00. Okay, 20 minutes. No big deal. But I know I need to hurry. So we arrive in concourse F, and my flight leaves from Concourse B. Excellent.

It can't be that far right? WRONG!

The Minneapolis airport is the BIGGEST airport I've ever seen. 9:10 rolls around and I'm only at the beginning of concourse D, and I'm walking pretty fast! I have to make it to B mind you. It's at this point that I hear, "Paging passenger Thackeray. Please check in at gate B16." I break into a sprint! I'm commmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggggg. I'm panicking. At first I was like, this is embarrassing, and then, I didn't even care anymore. I was sprinting because there was NO way I could miss my flight. I couldn't be stuck in Minnesota! So after sprinting for 10 minutes, and hearing my name called over the intercom, two more times, I was just praying that I would make it. At 9:21 I arrived at the gate, sat on the plane for 20 minutes (nice and sweaty), and then we left for Oklahoma. Yes 20 minutes, there were mechanical issues (I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! It was the theme of the day)! I would have been fine, it was an experience to remember if nothing else! But I felt like I could have been cast in Home Alone 2. I had sympathy for all those that I saw running through the airports today on our way back.

Theresa, Staci, and their cousin Betsy picked me up and we headed to watch Ashley's team play. They played well. We were able to go to lunch with their team at Golden Corral. Then watched their final game that night under the lights. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, 80 degrees. I got a little bit of sun. It was kinda windy! So it was still a little bit chilly. But it was a beautiful couple of days of softball watching!

Saturday they had 2 games in the morning. We watched those. Then got to have lunch with Ashley before she left to go back to Missouri!

After we said our good byes we headed back to the hotel and played a few games of Canasta! You know how much I love playing cards! :)

We went and watched The Last Song. The book was WAY better (as it always is). BUT, I enjoyed the movie also. Miley, not so much. But I still liked it. Then we headed back to the hotel and went to bed early because our flight this morning was at 6:40 AM!

Staci and I had the same flight to Denver, so we hung out in the Denver airport, and then each went our separate ways home.

The flights were quite uneventful this time around, THANK GOODNESS! I now need a vacation from vacation in order to catch up. :) It was a GREAT spring break! I had an excellent time!

Next stop: Lubbock, Texas. Katelyn and Mike, I WILL make it out there. Texas needs to be added to my list of states I've visited. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Duke: National Champions

Many of you know of my undying love for the Duke Blue Devils. I've been a loyal fan since the 7th grade. I've taken a LOT of crap over the years. TOO many Duke haters out there. But after nine loooonnnggggg years.... NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! It's a beautiful beautiful thing! I wasn't a fan of the Jennifer Hudson version of "One Shining Moment." So here's the video with the original music. Gives me chills every time I hear it.

We had a little party at my parents house. There were 3 Butler fans (one of which was my little brother Wade, who without fail is always rooting for the OTHER team, no matter who is playing) and the rest of us were Duke fans. :) Those Butler "fans" sure were quiet afterward.

And here's a little video of celebration. Sorry it's a little dark.

What a perfect ending to March Madness! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Coaching a few softball games this weekend, weather permitting, (been praying for good weather... STUPID snow caused us to have to cancel 2 games this week!) and then it's off to HOME SWEET HOME for spring break. :) hooray! Can't wait!