Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Break 2011

I headed home for Fall Break this year. Before heading to the airport, we watched Hayley's volleyball game.
 It was fun to be home and just relax for a few days. Wade had a football game in Fall River.
 It was fun to see him play.
 The color of the sky was so pretty.
 Fall River's mascot was a ginormous dog! He looked like the dog from the Sandlot.
 The cheering section!
 Saturday... we went and cut wood on Grandpa's ranch. Troy wasn't very excited about it... :)
 Cutting the wood!
 The wood pile.
 Wade was finally wearing pants (as opposed to shorts that he wears all the time)... it had to be documented!
 Stacking all the wood!
Always enjoyable to take a trip home! It was a nice break from the grind! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girl's Weekend

Right before Fall Break, we were able to have a little girl's/sister's weekend. Tandy, Genna, and I went to the BYU softball games!
Then we met up with Tracy, Janna, and Jess and went and saw "The Help" at the movies! Such a great movie! Then on Sunday we made our own little feast! After the feast we played cards and watched movies! It was a nice relaxing weekend! :)