Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Timers Rodeo

We hit up the Old Timers Rodeo this summer! Jack and Calvin rode calves!
 The boys after their rides!
 Mae and I taking in the view! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We took a few trips to the Cabin this summer! One of my favorite vacation spots. :)

The "rapids" were extremely fast this year!
 Playing the rock game... 
 Trying to get Amanda to jump off the rock... flashback to ten years ago? :)
 Floating the river...
 Poor little Calvin had something in his eye...
 Homemade Cafe Rio! :)
 A few morning card games...
 Fun on the new hammock!
One of my favorite places to be! :) Good memories!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wade and Troy Swim Meets

As much as they claim to hate swimming... I think they secretly LOVE it! I think swimming is on my list of favorite sports to watch. I mean, it's not at the top! But I sure do love a good swim meet!
 And Troy loves winning! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Berry Family Reunion

We had a Berry Family Reunion this summer! It was a blast! I drove out with Uncle Steve, Aunt Patty, and Greg in their motor home. That is the ONLY way to travel! So fun! We split the trip into two days. We got to Reno the first day! 
Scamp and Rascal enjoyed the trip out... 
 We did some golfing that night at the driving range...
The next morning we took off for home. When we got there we celebrated Mitchell and Tandy's birthday's and we had a big dinner with all the family.
 We had dinner at Aunt Linda's one night... We enjoyed chatting by the campfire and the wildlife!  Haha! :)
The next day we went to the lake... Grandpa rented a patio boat! We left at like 6 in the morning!
 Finding a spot...
 Hanging out on the boat...
  Synchronized Swimming Sisters...
 Mitch "pretending" to drive :)
 A very fun day on the lake!
 Packing up...
 The next day we left for a few days at the Oregon Coast.
 Our housing for the trip... way better than a hotel! :)
Went to the beach... it was FREEZING!
 Had delicious dinners...
  Played a little golf...

Went to the beach some more....
It was a very fun trip!
Can't wait until next time... :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Trip #2 Home for the Summer with Aunt Janene

Trip two home for the summer was with Aunt Janene and her family! We had a good week at home! It started off with an Etna Ward Reunion! (No pictures from that!) It was fun to see people that had come and gone from the Etna Ward over the years!

We enjoyed a campfire at Uncle George's and playing the game Sevens. It was a hit!

4th of July was enjoyable as always! It is one of my favorite holidays! I have so many good memories from 4th of July's at Uncle Stan's! I'll let the pictures do the talking! :)
 Posting the Colors and National Anthem
 Listening to everyone sing their patriotic songs, read their patriotic poems and stories, etc.
 Our little John Wayne poetry reading
 Family Picture (mom and Tandy didn't get the whole Red, White, and Blue memo...)
 Picnic (Look at all that delicious food!)
 Swimming (many good memories of 4th of July swimming... Marco Polo, the Color Game, Sharks and Minnows, the list goes on)
 View from the pool
 Playing on the tree... you know what makes that tree special... the TREE SWING!
 Nap time while the kids are all swimming! Uncle George... priceless! :)
 I can only imagine what story they are telling here... :)
Story Telling: (in a Southern accent) "Rhett, did you get your haircut?" "No grandma!" "Yah, ya did!" :)
 Everyone chatting!
 Everyone was happy for their return this year! The one year hiatus without them was UNACCEPTABLE!
 Fireworks in the Spencer's field... with the cows! :)
 Watching the Fowle's fireworks, before we started our own!
 Janey loves taking pictures almost as much as watching the fireworks! :)
Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! For all of the reasons above! :)

We made a trip to the cabin! (Pictures to come under the "Cabin" blog post).

We had a few dinners with the extended family!
 Calvin's outfit HAD to be documented here! Plaid shorts with the striped shirt! Classic! :)
And of course... we made time for a game of Dollar Store Bingo!
Yet another enjoyable trip home! :) Too short as always! Luckily I was able to go back one week later! :)