Saturday, May 12, 2012

E-T-N-A, Etna, Etna, All the Way! :)

It really is a special thing to be from Etna! So many great memories of growing up! The best part is that there is always a connection to home, no matter where you are at! Doesn't matter where you are, when you find Etna people you have a good time! This weekend we did just that! :)

Max Gordon, who used to live in Etna with his family, plays for the Oregon State Beavers. They were playing the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, so Tracy, Tilly and I headed up to watch the game. It just so happened that Ken and Theresa Harris were passing through Utah on their way to Montana and they were able to join us at the game with their relatives! We had a great time and Max played great. We were the Scott Valley Crazy Crew and definitely lived up to the name!
 Jumbo Screen
 Go-ahead RBI in the top of the 11th!
 The Scott Valley Crazy Crew
 Post Game
 Afterwards we went to the City Creek Center and walked around and to Temple Square while we waited for Max to get ready. Then we picked him up and headed to Ken's sister's in Sandy and had a nice BBQ in their backyard! We had a great time reminiscing and catching up!
 The Whole Crew
It was such a fun weekend! I love Etna people! :)

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