Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day

I have fond memories of many Thackeray get-togethers and picnics on holidays. Rosemary described it perfectly as I remember here.
"Memorial Day conjures up memories of going up Crystal Creek to have a Thackeray family picnic. We had a long black grill with a honeycomb grate on top. You would crank the handle and it would lift up so you could fill it with briquettes. On it we would cook our hamburgers. We would eat them along with the other yummy food that the aunts would fix, including Aunt Barbara's taco salad [Grandma's Potato Salad, Uncle Charlie's Mississippi Mud Pie]. Afterwards we would play a game of softball in the clearing [and ride the "pully" (zip line) for hours] . The men would sit around talking 'ranch.'"
I have so many great memories! So, being away from home, it's great to be able to get together with the Thackeray crew and still have a good time! :)

We convened at Rosemary's for delicious food (as always).
 Naturally, the food put us all in a coma!
We played some Five Crowns. It wouldn't be a family party without some cards!
S'Mores were next on the agenda! :)
The evening commenced at the "Sing Off" concert at the SCERA. We went an hour before thinking that would be plenty of time to get tickets and get a seat. How popular could it be? Um... apparently we were wrong?
So.... we enjoyed the concert from the park!
 Played some more Five Crowns... my luck was not as good the second round. :)
 It was a fantastic day, spent with fantastic people! Love traditions and family! :)

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