Saturday, April 30, 2011

Women's Conference and a Celebration

Aunt Tammy was a speaker at Women's Conference this year! I was very thankful that she shared a ticket so that I was able to attend! I've never seen so many women in one place! I sure was glad I had a "fast pass" to the front of the line and was able to sit front row! That's the only way to do it! :)

Aunt Tammy and her speaking partner did a fabulous job! I was very touched by the stories that she shared and I was glad I took the afternoon off to go and listen! 
We also had a celebration of Aunt Elsie's life for those in Utah! It was great to get together with friends and family and tell stories and reminisce! I truly am so grateful for the plan of salvation and know that we will see our families again someday! So grateful for that knowledge! It is a definite comfort to me!

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