Monday, April 4, 2011

March Madness 2011

Last year I expressed my love of March Madness (see previous post). This year was fantastic as well, especially with Jimmer and my BYU Cougars and Duke Blue Devils.

The March Madness "Wall" was reinstated. I devoted an entire wall in my classroom this year. It turned out GREAT! Thanks to Ashley and Ashli for the help! :)

The National Championship was quite the disappointment! However, the road to the Final Four was quite exciting. My bracket was busted way early on, so I was ALL about the upsets! By the time all my teams were out (and after I recovered from my severe depression), I decided to start cheering for the team I really wanted to lose... since every team I really wanted to win (and was cheering for) lost! See my reverse psychology? It worked... until the Final Four! Beside the point! Regardless of my favorite people and teams losing... it was still a fun month of madness! 

One Shining Moment... I tear up every time! Pure awesomeness! Watch the video! Until next year...

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