Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Home sweet home! It was a fantastic spring break in Etna! Mitch and I drove out so we could make it home in time for the Marble Mountain Scramble! It was clearly worth our time since we got to watch a lot of softball... they were the CHAMPIONS... and Tandy was the tournament MVP!
Tandy Pitching
Butch and Kenny (my high school coaches)
We'll forgive the fact that they are wearing Yreka gear and coaching there now! It definitely brought back some memories of the good 'ol days! (Good and Bad! Haha! But mostly Good!)

After the tournament, some of mom's side of the family went out to dinner! It was fun to be together! Love family! 
Troy boy was in desperate need of a haircut! Good thing he got one that night!
 They were quite entertaining with Just Dance 2.
Next on the agenda was some Little League baseball! 8-10 year old's are surprisingly entertaining. Especially when they run off the field in the MIDDLE of a pitch. When the coach asks, "What are you doing?" They respond by saying, "I have to go to the bathroom." When you gotta go, you gotta go! Except in the middle of a pitch! Come on! :) I don't know if Troy appreciated his fans and their friendly advice... too many coaches in the family! But it was still fun!

 Troy and Calvin getting ready to go to their game!
Wind Up
And the PITCH!
Base Running
Post Game pictures after watching the replay of the 2nd baseman running off the field mid-pitch as well as Troy's game-winning hit! :)
The last event of Spring Break was the Pinewood Derby! There were some very creative cars! I was in charge of the bracket!
Not the most professional looking...
  Troy won Consolation! Mitchell and I made the trophies! Well... Mitchell made the trophies! I decorated them! They turned out cute! 
Also got a couple of naps in :) and helped Mom with practice a few times! It of course went by WAY too fast! It was great to be home! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! However, it made me wish that it was SUMMER! The countdown is on! Can't wait!

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