Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baseline... Suicide... GO!

At practice yesterday we got to the "conditioning" part of practice! Everyone is on the baseline. We say, "Suicide... GO!" They have to wait for "GO" before they can start running! They all run their "suicide" (free throw line, baseline, half court, baseline, other free throw line, baseline, other baseline, baseline). Everyone knows what A suicide is right? Others might call it a ladder? (After yesterday... maybe that's what we'll start calling it?) ANYWAYS!

After they run their first suicide, they're all waiting on the baseline for us to tell them what to do next. After a quick break (because we're not totally heartless :) haha) we say, "Suicide... GO!" In sync, all at the same time, they make a gun with their fingers and shoot themselves, and fall to the ground. Holli, Britt, and I look at each other, and are like, "Did they really just do that?" We are so dumbfounded that 1) they did it. 2) That they were all in sync! 3) That they did it at the same time without acknowledging (at least that we could tell) that they were going to do it! We had no idea when they could have planned it? Apparently the planning went down during Christmas break, but they forgot to do it before the first suicide, and somehow remembered while running!

Anyways... appropriate? No. Probably not. Funny? Totally! They didn't mean anything bad by it and they thought they were just SO clever and funny for coming up with it! I went home that night and couldn't stop smiling about it! Too funny! But, we of course had a nice chat about suicide, with me being the health major and all. I of course reminded them that "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

After their little dramatization they all quickly got up and ran their suicide! One of the funniest moments of practice thus far this season!

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