Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I’ve been kind of negative lately and coming up with WAY too many “things I hate right now” lists! :) Not literally… but in my head! Lots of things have been annoying me! So I decided I should try and be positive and start making a “Things I loved about last year list!” Maybe that would take my mind off of the “I hate everything” attitude! So… things that I loved from last year (broken down by month).

  • A full time subbing job at Springville High School while Nancy was on maternity leave. Loved teaching health, and got to teach some awesome kids!
  • Family Parties/watching Rosemary speak at BYU devotional.
  • Undefeated 4A Girls Basketball State Champions! It was an exciting day! And so fun to be a part of!
  • March Madness! :) 
  • I got hired as an assistant softball coach at Springville! Three sports in one school year!Ah! Loved every bit of it though!
  • Spring break! Good times going home for a few days, then flying to Oklahoma to watch Ashley play softball and hang out with the Harris’!  
  • Waking up to fish on my doorstep and other softball adventures! 
  • The end of another school year! 
  • Volleyball, basketball, and softball camps/summer stuff!
  • Tandy’s visit to Utah! We got to do a lot of fun things for a couple of weeks!
  • Spending a month at home with the family! Trips to the cabin, to the lake, to the coast! Enjoying the summer time! I miss the warm weather!
  • FINALLY getting a full time teaching job at Springville High School teaching resource English, Reading, and Study Skills. It was well worth the wait! Love the new job!
  • Trying to survive coaching, teaching, and working for the company in Arizona! I have great friends who helped me survive with encouragement, dinners, hanging out, and the best book I’ve read in awhile “The Race.”
  • A trip to Texas for Fall Break to visit Mike and Katelyn! Great to see them after so long!
  • Harris’ dropping off a pumpkin from my mother, having dinner, and watching the Giants quest to win a World Series!
  • Thanksgiving at home for the first time since like my freshmen year of college!
  • Duke vs. U of O basketball game in Portland! Sooooo awesome!
  • Christmas with the family! Nothing like being home for the holidays! It was too short!
I had a very good year and was definitely blessed! I didn't even mention a quarter of the good things that happened! These were just a few of the highlights! Too often, I fail to remember the many things that I’m blessed with everyday! Here’s to being a little more positive, even when things aren’t going how I want them to! :)

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