Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

I am failing at the whole blog thing these days! Here is a quick update with pictures from Christmas break! It was GREAT to be home, GREAT to relax, and GREAT to be with family! It of course was TOO short, like always!

It started with the Thackeray Family Hallelujah Chorus (see video below) at the Etna Ward Christmas Party.

Then came Christmas Eve! We always spend Christmas Eve at Grandpa Berry's. This was on the car ride over.

We ate DELICIOUS food, chatted with family and friends, played a little American Idol on the Wii, and opened presents! It was a very enjoyable time! 
Christmas Day was fun as usual! 

We woke up, looked at our stockings! Then the present opening began! I have had a pile of old t-shirts from high school sitting in a garbage sack for a few years now! Mom finally made me a quilt out of all those shirts! I LOVE it! Lots of fun memories! I also got a Cricut (paper cutting machine). Those were the big presents. And I got lots of other things as well! Also pictured below is a game of Ticket to Ride. Pretty much, we played every day! It was a little out of control! I was definitely very blessed! Lots of awesome friends and family that are very kind!

After we opened presents, the Grandparents from both sides and Aunt Linda came over for "brunch". Tracy, Dad, and I were the chefs. Notice the matching BYU aprons, another one of mom's creations! I sure love me a good apron! :)

We played lots of games! Another hit was The Game of Things! There were some funny moments. Example: Things a cat thinks, Things you should not title a children's book, etc. Pure awesomeness! 

Christmas night the extended Thackeray's that are in town get together for games and food. Linda brought her XBOX Kinect and that was definitely the hit of the night! We always have a good time when we get together! 

The kids went sledding a few times! Mom made Tandy and I go up one day, much to our dismay! But we had an enjoyable time! I think I can handle one hour of sledding a year! That is the ONE and only time I will enjoy and not have a disdain for snow! :)

It was fantastic to be home hanging out with all of these people! In my old age I look forward to it more and more! :) Sure do love the holidays! Good times for sure!

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