Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to Back Champions! And Other Updates!

I have lots of catching up to do. The last couple weeks have been madness. First things first... CONGRATULATIONS to Mom and Tandy! Back to Back Champions! :) E-T-N-A, Etna, Etna, All the Way! :)
Thank you to everyone who texted me updates. Especially Pam for the play by play! :)

SCHOOL is OUT for SUMMER! Hooray! :) Love summer time. Well I'll love summer time if it actually stops SNOWING and we have some good weather for a little bit!

Softball season has ended. We went 3-2 at state. Double elimination. Some good memories for sure! It's the first time I haven't had another sport to move onto. I'm really sad. Summer stuff will start for all the other sports next week. But I really loved coaching softball this year. It was a totally different experience and I will really miss it! Coaching really is the best!
That's it for now! Life is good! :)

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