Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And then... there were two.

Apparently, pets aren't my thing. There are only 2 fish left.

Every time I have come home the past few days, a couple more were floating at the top. (Yes! I fed them!) However, I'm on a streak right now. I've come and gone multiple times, and these two little guys are still swimming around. I've decided of the original five, the two that are left are Brooke and Caitlyn. The others know why they didn't make it... I think. :)

I figured out the story behind the lovely present. It isn't exciting in the least. They were mad because they had to run at practice. It was their way of getting even. Sure showed me. :)


  1. So sorry about the little fishies! Our experience with goldfish is that they either need fresh water REALLY often, or they need lots of air bubbles introduced to the water. You might have also had too many fish for the tank....

    Sure hope these two survive happily for you!

  2. LOL that's hilarious!:) i like how you named the last two:) sweet!-tasha