Monday, September 26, 2011


My classroom was broken into this year! I came in Monday morning and my entire window was shattered. The closets were somewhat opened, and the hinges were completely bent and the wall dented from someone trying to break into the closet! My heart sank as I walked into the room. I immediately called the office and was calm until the assistant principal and campus supervisor came, and then I lost it a little bit. They managed to take ALL of the prizes from the prize closet (200 dollars worth of candy, chips, drinks, etc.) and all of my nice pens and binder clips from my desk. They didn't take the computers or anything else of value! The police were called, they took pictures. But the security cameras were not working near my classroom. OF COURSE! Still no suspects or confessions! It had to have been someone from my class because they knew exactly what they were going for based off of what was stolen! I realize the things they took were just candy and food, but this was the SECOND time that it has happened! I have not replaced any of the items. Sad that the actions of one or two people affected the entire class! I may have wished cavities and root canals upon the culprits! Hope it worked! :)
 Shattered window! (Entry point)
 Attempting to break into the locked closet!
Everything missing... boxes left behind... and the bottom row of stuff. Seriously people... I would have given you the candy! You didn't have to take it all! Frustrating and annoying! Thieves!

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