Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ben and Carly's Wedding 09.10.11

I was able to take a little weekend get away to Portland to celebrate Ben and Carly's wedding! I'm sooo glad I did! It was a much needed break! I left Friday after school and practice. BARELY made my 4:50 flight! I was going through security at 4:30. Yah, that was a little stressful!

Ken and Theresa picked me up from the airport and we were off to the rehearsal dinner! It was at a cute little Italian place called Ernesto's and it was so much fun to see everyone and catch up!
The cool "kid" table! :)

After dinner everyone went to a karaoke bar. That was quite entertaining! :) The only picture (phone pic) from the whole night... although some video footage could be posted! I'll save some people the embarrassment! :)
The next morning we slept in (that was great! Hadn't done that in awhile!) and hung around the hotel and chatted! Christopher had gotten in early that morning and Kari got in a little bit later as well! So everyone was there! :) We ate lunch, did a little dress shopping for Kari's big day coming up, and then got ready for the wedding!
On our way to the wedding!
  Waiting for the wedding to start!
Ceremony (Instagram style!)
Post Wedding Pictures

Waiting for the dinner to start... (Instagram style)

It was a great dinner and night of dancing and hanging out! :)
It wouldn't be a wedding without a little car decorating to end the night! :) 

That's all the pictures for the weekend! We spent the rest of the weekend, hanging out, watching them open all their presents, moving presents to their apartment, and catching up! The trip was too short! It was great to get together with everyone! What I love is that even though we haven't seen each other in forever, it feels like no time has passed! So fun to catch up and hang out! It definitely needs to happen more often! :)

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