Sunday, June 12, 2011

Other Odds and Ends

There were of course sporting events to attend while home.

The day after graduation, Tandy was supposed to play in an All-Star softball game. It was in Chico so as soon as Grad Nite ended at 6 am, we were hopping in the car and heading down. I was the designated driver since everyone else had been up for 24 hours! We got to Redding and they got a call that the game had been cancelled because of rain. We went out to breakfast. Did a little bit of shopping. Then headed home. Sadly, no pictures to document.

Wade and Troy had multiple baseball games. I had to steal this picture from Ray, because I didn't really take any pictures and this was the only one that showed Wade.
Troy was the bat boy. He's on his way to ask me for some money for the snack shack! Clearly we can see his priorities and that he takes his job seriously! :)
 Jane and I enjoyed taking pictures watching Troy and Calvin's games.

The only baseball pictures of Troy this time are after a game... here he is feeding Lucky Liz.
Here he is on Sunday before church... after throwing a fit because he didn't want to feed poor Lucky Liz. He stormed outside to feed her... but forgot to get dressed. Tracy took a close up for blackmail at a later date. :) Next time Troy Boy, get dressed! :) It will be less embarrassing for you in the future!
I read the entire Hunger Games series while home. It was addicting. I have been putting off reading them for an entire year. I shouldn't have waited so long! I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Overall a very successful trip home! Although it was busy it was nice to get to relax a little bit! A great way to start the summer!

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