Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dixie Basketball Camp

We headed to St. George for a week for basketball camp! We caravaned down with 4 cars. 28 total people! We were in for an adventure.

We all stayed in this house! It was gorgeous! And the perfect place to stay for a week! It had plenty of room for all of us and a swimming pool and hot tub!
Between three teams we played too many basketball games to count. We usually had a little downtime at the gym before the games would start. Enough time for some picture taking...
A little hair braiding...
Mindy created this poem for me while braiding:
I have this coach named Jill Thackeray,
Beaughbillion's her middle name, it's so fun to say.
She's really fun to talk to and she's pretty chill,
But sometimes she can be a pill.
Wait! I was only JUST KIDDING! Please don't cut my playing time.
Don't be offended, it was only a rhyme!!!
This is what the girls looked like when we would get home...
And then they would get their second wind... and all sorts of shenanigans would happen...

Savannah hiding under our beds trying to scare us... jokes on her! She got stuck and we had to lift the bed off of her!
Rooms all sticky noted
Skits/Video Making... here is their inspiration...
And then their version... quite similar actually! :)
I am still trying to recover. It was definitely a LONG week! But a very fun week! Lots of good memories! :)

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