Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for an Update...

Time for some updates! :) Reasons I have been preoccupied... (nothing exciting mind you!) and in no particular order... Grad school! Trying to finish up the first year of teaching! Renewing my teaching license. Finishing softball season. Word processing jobs. Trying to figure out my future/job situation for next year. Friends. Family. It seems like it's never ending.

More specific details...

Grad School- I just finished my second class of grad school! I am now waiting for a background check in order to continue on with my third class. Little frustrated by the whole situation, 1) because I received the email to get it taken care of a month ago, but it was at a crazy time and the email remained in my inbox... so it's kind of my fault for procrastinating. 2) because I AM A LICENSED TEACHER, don't you think I would have to have a background check if I'm currently teaching? 3) because it TAKES FOREVER! But... instead of complaining I'll be grateful for the nice little break of no school for a couple weeks! I'll have nothing tying me down when I go home for a nice little visit soon! 
Finishing up the first year of teaching- ONE MORE WEEK OF SCHOOL! Graduation is on Tuesday and we have school until Thursday! This year teaching has been such a blessing and I've really enjoyed my job! I can NOT wait for summer! Kids are punks the last couple weeks of school! They are just as ready for summer and complain about anything and everything they have to do! One more week... that's all I have to survive! 
Renewing teaching license- Just another thing to add to the to do list. A bunch of paperwork to fill out and meetings with people. Nothing major. Crossing the t's and dotting the i's. 
Word processing jobs- As if I don't have enough to do, I'm still doing work for the company in Arizona! It is one of the many blessings that I have in my life, and they are great to work for! It always seems that there is work whenever I have a bazillion things to do! Convenient... BUT! I'm grateful for the job! It helps fund my plane rides home! :) 
Figuring out the job situation for next year- I was hired this year as a ONE year position. I knew that going in, but was confident that my contract would be renewed. I received the letter in March saying that my contract was NOT being renewed. I knew it was coming, but it still caused a little uncertainty. I finally received word that my contract WAS being renewed and I DO have a job next year! So that was great news! The time in between waiting... NOT so fun! 
Coaching- Lots going on with coaching. Softball season came to an end. More details on that in the post below. It was an extremely fun year as always! Now that it's over I'm getting everything planned for the summer and softball. Getting registered for tournaments, getting money, it's been quite the process! But it'll be worth it! :) Someone's gotta do it... right?! :) During softball season I was approached by the administration about coaching volleyball. After lots of meetings and talks, Suzette and I decided to come back and coach volleyball again this year! (I know I never said I was leaving... but I was.... and now I'm back!) I'm excited for the upcoming year! My summer schedule is absolutely craziness! Three sports will do that to ya! We have lots of fun tournaments and camps planned so that will be fun! 
Friends and Family- Look at other recently posted posts. I'm extremely grateful for family and friends that provide a little break from the hectic and craziness of my daily schedule!

So... that's what's been happening in the life of Jill. Nothing exciting. But I am alive! :)

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