Friday, May 13, 2011

Softball 2011

I haven't really blogged about softball this season! It was a crazy year! It flew by so extremely fast! And it was awesome! My sophomore team did fantastic! We were 19-3 and after the first game of the season there was NO way I thought we would win that many games! The girls improved so much over the season and it was such a privilege to be able to coach them!
Sophomore Team (minus Malia)
 JV Team (minus Kinsley)
 Varsity Team (minus Kinsley)
  Coaches (minus Robyn)
 Everyone (Minus Kinsley and Robyn)

We had another "Book" this year. I just die laughing every time I read it. It is a great reminder of the good times! There are things that I would NEVER remember if it wasn't written down! And some of them are DANG funny! Others... you had to be there! Without further ado...   

"Pause for Laughs" Italicized words are my added remarks! :)

2/28/11- Tryouts
-     The “.27 mile” mile (At tryouts we had them run the mile… all of a sudden Karl disappears and we just see him driving around the parking lot in his car? He comes back and says he’s clocked how long the mile is. "This many laps around the parking lot is a mile"… the girls all ran 4 minute miles! It was incredible!)
3/1/11- Tryouts
-     When you have to tell someone, “Now don't let this ball hit you in the face” at tryouts, maybe they should go home.
 3/2/11- Tryouts
-     Caitlyn fell in the snow
-     “That __________ girl is taking over 3rd base, she can really move!” (Name left out for anonymity purposes)
-     “Hey Shayne, get your bat!”
-     “I have a pink helmet, is that okay?”
-     That ___________ girl tried to hit Lindsey with the bat. (Name left out for anonymity purposes)
 3/3/11- First Team Meeting
-     Allie: He read it wrong, I didn't write 'a bumpy'! (Karl had Everyone write about their “scar” and then we had to guess who’s scar it was).
-     Karl: Would this person who got screwed please stand up.
 3/9/11- Practice
-     Caitlyn pitched from behind the screen and then waited for the throw back.
“Caitlyn, you have to move to the side”
-     Allie and Kinsley both ate it running the bases
 3/10/11- St. George
-     Jentry: A. L. L. I. E.?
-     Does Jentry know how to spell “Quesadilla”?
 3/11/11- St. George
-     Robyn got some from the bucket
-     14 pt turn in the Brick Oven parking lot followed by 4-wheeling around the roundabout (Thank you Jamie!)
-     (While hitting baby whiffles and after hitting Christina with one) Kinsley (to Christina): Sorry, I was just trying to do that!
 3/12/11- St. George
-     The umpire awkwardly told Robyn to have Kinsley zip up her pants because he could “see everything”. (Her zipper was broken and we all knew it!)
-     Lindsey: Kins, did you trip?
Kinsley: Yep, I yelled so loud I almost fell.
-     “Allie, be a deer”
-     “Allie, what are you doing?” “My feet need a rest”
-     (To Aliza going for a foul ball close to the fence) Jill: Liza, you got room. WHAM! (Apparently… she didn’t!)
-     Karl: Jenn, you played any first base? I’m thinking about putting you in?  
Jenn: You just keep thinking about it.
-     Miranda got out of the circle and got a standing ovation. (This was after an entire tournament of not backing up third or home!)
-     Miranda: Did you see what she brought me? Low calorie Gatorade! It's the sugar I need! (Miranda’s diabetic! She needed some sugar!)
-     Aliza: You know who is funny? Lela!
 3/14/11- Practice
-     Allie “tripped” SydB
-     Caitlyn cut it right (Caitlyn cut the ball correctly while doing first and third situations and as she walked back to her position she shot her first in the air. Had to be there).
-     Allie shoved Jenn so she could be first in line
 3/15/11- Pleasant Grove
-     After sliding, Alexis fell on second base
-     Nobody (except Allie) knew how many outs there were
-     Lindsey and Robyn somehow missed the entire first inning of the JV game
-     Jenn: What is the score? I can't see the scoreboard
Malia: Jenn, the scoreboard isn't on!
 3/16/11- Lone Peak
-     Shelley Foster: This hood drives me nuts, but the rain hitting my face drives me nutser.
-     Aliza: I waited 13 batters to get hit in the butt?!
-     Aliza, SydB, and Jenn all waited 13 batters to get hit, then Jenn picked up the ball and handed it to the catcher
-     Karl imitated Lindsey's run
-     Alexis tried to catch a ball, but it hit her in the stomach instead
 3/17/11- Bingham
-     Aliza's mind was boggled! (After seeing Allie field a bunt! She’d never seen her move so quickly!)
-     Karl fell off the bucket!!! (Karl always sits on his bucket when we’re on defense. A foul ball came straight at him and in slow motion he fell off his bucket!)
-     Miranda has never “diven” in her life
 3/21/11- Practice
-     Allie fell walking through the nets
-     Allie hit herself in the nose with her bat
-     Allie smashed her own hand with her bat
 3/23/11- Union
-     Aliza: Do those shoes give you blisters in the roof of your mouth?
-     Jennyjuiah
-     After rolling a double, the entire team left the field after two outs. (It was such a great double play!)
 3/24/11- Maple Mountain
-     SydS hit a triple but got out at third because her ear warmer fell over her eyes and she couldn't find the base.
-     ___________________________ (If you think it is funny, put it in your book!) (Something about getting ten runned by Maple Mountain. I don’t think it’s funny! So I’m not putting it in my book!)
 3/28/11- CLEARED
-     Allie: Sarah, tuck in your shirt!
-     Allie: Jill, you're in violation of code 747, not having your shirt tucked in.
-     Aliza: Sometimes don't you just want to punch yourself in the face?
-     Aliza: It's weird, if you're nice to people, they're nice back!
-     Aliza: Allie, YOU LOSE! Get off the court!
-     Caitlyn: Anything? (Trying to get some Cleared points!)
 3/29/11- Payson
-     Jenn: Do they usually end a game in the middle of an inning like that?!
Allie: Jenn, we're home team
 3/31/11- Uintah
-     The bus took a hit. (Rock or a bullet? Either way Allie was scared) (The windshield shattered)
-     Alexis finally found a cart her size
Apparently we took a break from comedy from the end of March till the 19th of April
4/19/11- Maple Mountain
-     Jenn threw dirt at the umpire after getting called out at home
4/22/11- Payson
-     Jill got on the wrong bus. (In my defense I was talking on the phone and trying to get a million things done before we left! There were three buses lined up and I just got on the first one!)
-     (After a terrible call by the umpire when clearly the girl was out but the umpire called her safe) Karl: Blue, can we have help?!
Blue: No!
Karl: Why?
Blue: Because she was out! (Then why are we having this conversation?)
-     SydB (on catching a fly ball): “I just closed my eyes and went for it” (Yes! This is what we teach our girls!)
 4/23/11- JV tournament
-     Lindsey: Aliza look at Syd
Aliza: Syd, you have spit on your face
-     Other player: I would have called tails
Kinsley: Well yeah, since you already saw it land on tails!
-     Lexi: Can I bat left handed next time?
Karl: You haven't hit right handed yet!
 4/26/11- Uintah
-     Malia hit a long fly ball to center field. The center fielder fell over the fence, but the ball stayed in.
 4/27/11- Mountain View
-     Lindsey: You know if anyone was watching the game that foul ball would have been a lot less surprising.
Kinsley: I...we...uh... Touché.
-     The ball got lost after the other team tried to throw Christina out at third. (They threw it, it hit the back of her helmet and landed in the hood of her sweatshirt! I've never laughed so hard!)
Christina (Scared like it was going to hurt her): “It's in my hood!!”
-     Umpire: Safe… Out. I saw the right call but my mouth said the wrong thing.
-     Lindsey: How did you hurt your ankle?
Allie: I don't think I want to tell you.
-     Miranda: I was born on the May 18th of June. I mean April.
 4/30/11- Softball Camp
-     Rubber Chicken!!! ugh
-     Mauri Ashman (while throwing a hit stick at Allie): Atalatl!
Little Lister: What is an Atalatl?
Lexi (disgustedly): a hunting tool.
-     Lindsey: What do we have to do?
Mauri: Get Chelsea out!
 5/5/11- Salem Hills
-     Allie: Your mom said you wanted to lay down and cry
Liza: I did!
-     (After an interesting trip along the back roads) Caitlyn: We can probably make it to Murray faster than Spanish Fork.
-     Allie: Tell her to go straight or I'll hit you.
 5/6/11- Murray (what a trip)
-     Karl: Let me preface this. She gave me one once that tasted like a concoction of grass clippings and pond water. (In regards to one of Robyn’s homemade shakes)
-     Karl: It's a mell of a hess
-     Lindsey (to Caitlyn as she smashed my finger): Could you please not do that, that hurts.
-     Random Girl from Murray (RGM): Who are you playing?
Lindsey: Murray
RGM: They're playing Murray (Uh, where are you from?)
-     Jenn: I think they are over there calling me big head (After she turned a fantastic double play!)
-     Malia's Grandma: She doesn't have a mom, and her dad isn't answering.
Karl: Christina, who are you talking to?
Christina: My mom. (And they have always been married!)
-     Aliza (with head hanging out of bus window): I'm sweating!
-     Allie: Utah Trax! ...we rode next to a lady with a mustache!... and she was going to build a ship and SAIL THE SEAS!!!
Aliza: What does that have to do with Red Robin?
-     Aliza: Hi, I'm just trying to get your restaurant. Is it anywhere near Jordan High School, the home of the Beat Diggers?
-     Aliza: Then we'll exit at Bangerter and find you!
-     Team (singing): I love to see the temple.
Yelled: Verse Two?
5/10/11- Sophomore Team night
-     Cami: All I’ve ever wanted to do is impress Aliza!
5/11/11- Grantsville
-     Caleb: Where is that big lover boy? (In reference to Karl and why he wasn’t on the bus yet!)
-     Caitlyn: This is the longest bus ride I've ever been on with the fewest miles traveled. (As we sat in the parking lot and waited for Jenn and Alexis to finish their AP test!)
-     We waited 40 minutes for the girls to take their AP test, then Alexis had to run home “real quick”.
-     Cami: Are you going to do it?
Amber: Do what?
-     Jentry: Jenn's not sharing
Alexis: Jenn, share!
-     Karl: Is the pen no good?
Allie: NO GOOD!
-     Jill: Just keep watching up here to your right (Looking for the sail boats at the Great Salt Lake)
Caleb: Which way is right?!
-     Caleb got hit by bus doors.  
-     (Before Lindsey started her final reading of the book... it inspired the title this year!) Aliza: Pause for laughs. 

What a year! So grateful for the opportunity I have to coach! :) 

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