Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last day of school today! Not a single person came to class. In fact, I didn't have more than 4 people attend one class this entire WEEK! Pointless! I got things organized and cleaned up, grades all done, and mentally prepared myself for SUMMER! :)

Yesterday, a couple of the girls on my softball team came to my room to play some Phase 10. I told them they could get a treat out of my "Prize Closet". (I give the students tickets for good behavior, turning assignments in, etc. and then they put their tickets in their class jar and we draw for prizes on Friday's.) Well they opened the cupboard and they were like there's nothing in here. I was like haha! Funny joke. But no! There was nothing! Someone had cleaned out my ENTIRE closet. They took ALL of the candy! I was ticked! My classroom door was LOCKED and it didn't happen in class because I stand by the cupboard when they choose their prize! Our campus security guy is doing some investigating! He's looking on the hallway camera's to see who went inside my room that day. The thing was I know it was still stocked 3rd period the day before because I watched people take stuff out of the closet! So it happened somewhere between 1:00 pm the day before until I got their that morning and found nothing! I realize it's just candy! But I'm not a fan of having things TAKEN from me! Plus, if you saw the amount that they took, you'd be appalled yourself!

Today, I did the necessary teacher check out, then some of the teachers went out to lunch at Brick Oven! And that kicked off my SUMMER! :)

I'm headed home on Saturday for a couple of weeks! Tandy is graduating! It'll be good to be home! Then I'll be back to Utah for volleyball camp, basketball camp, softball tournaments, back home for a week, back to Utah for more coaching... and before you know it the summer is going to be over!

But before we get that far... I'm going to enjoy the break from school, enjoy the time with family and friends, and enjoy some sunshine! Here's to an eventful and fun summer! :)

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