Monday, October 18, 2010


My love of Texas began here... Don't judge!

And then some of my favorite people moved there. So naturally, I had to take a trip out to visit them! :) It was Fall Break this past weekend and so we had Thursday and Friday off of school. I took Wednesday off and headed to Texas to visit Mike, Katelyn, and Daylin. It was SOOOOOOOOOO nice to relax and hang out with them! Here's some things we did:

Went to the park. Daylin loved the park! Here's a little montage of her :)

I experienced the MOST DELICIOUS snow cone I have ever had in my entire life from Bahama Bucks. Of course the flavors were Red Raspberry and Pink Lemon Sour (only the best combination!). But seriously, it didn't even taste like ice. I can't even really explain it.
We played some games! Surprisingly, NO Phase 10 was played. Shocker I know. We did get in a round of 5 Crowns, but for Katelyn's sake we won't talk about it! She calls it luck... I call it skill with a little luck involved! :) Other new fun games: Pandemic and Kingsbury! Seriously, I wonder who comes up with games sometimes!

We had a little Halloween night. This included homemade root beer (Daylin wasn't so sure about it at first).

Carved Pumpkins.

The finished products (Frank-en-Pumpkin, an Owl, a Haunted House, and a face on the back of the Haunted House... because well... I didn't think you could tell it was a Haunted House!).

We visited the temple.

Katelyn and Mike's friends threw Katelyn a baby shower! It was fun to meet some of their friends and to see the cute presents she got. I'm not a fan of "shower" games! But there were some fun ones played! (We didn't take any pictures!)

We did lots of shopping! Lots of relaxing! Overall, it was a great trip! Thank you guys for letting me come! It was AWESOME and definitely a much needed break! Oh... and I read 2 books in 2 days! It was nice to read for fun again! :)

The one bad thing... MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Blue Screen of Death! UGH! Of course not all of my files are backed up! Mike did his best to help me out! But it's not looking good! Hopefully I can recover those files! Everyone cross your fingers! One positive thing is, the company I work for in Arizona sent me a computer to use until I can get mine fixed. Seriously, they are the best! I feel so lucky to be able to work for them! They treat me way too good!

Anyways! NOW back to the grind! And I think I'm pretty much caught up! Volleyball is coming to an end! Only a couple more weeks! Crazy how time flies! But it's been quite the experience this year! Good and bad! :) I love coaching though! So, so, so grateful I am able to do it!

In the words of Rosemary, "Life is Good!" And that it is! Love it!

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