Tuesday, October 5, 2010

General Conference & Fairview

Conference weekend is always ONE OF MY FAVORITE times of the year! This one did not disappoint! :)

I went with the Brown's to their property in Fairview. This is what we encountered on our way there! :) (Sheep scattered all across the road. A perfect day for a little sheep herding).

It was a blast! It's so pretty up there! And even though fall is coming WAY too quickly (goodbye summer, it was fun while you lasted!) the leaves were changing colors and it was so beautiful!

Conference was also amazing! I love it because no matter where you are watching you can feel the spirit that is at the Conference Center because of the power of the words that are being spoken! I just love all the feelings that come along with it! I love the feeling of hope and renewed commitment to do better and try harder. I feel like conference gives me hope that I can do better! And makes me actually want to try! :)

Some favorite speakers and quotes:

I LOVED Elder David M. McConkie's talk on teachers. Some favorite points:
- A teacher's attitude is not taught it's caught.
- Don't focus on your performance but how they are learning.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson-
- The two most precious gifts in life are freedom of choice and time.
- The happiness that we are striving for is the kind that does not fade with the lights and the sounds of the crowd.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf- I absolutely loved this talk. And I really needed to hear some things especially with teaching, coaching, and everything that is going on. There were so many good things from this talk!
- What does this have to do with the airplane? He is so funny!
- It's easy to be busy. Don't over schedule. We have to forgo some good things because there are others that are BETTER!
- Slow down a little and see the importance of the things that matter most!
- What matters most? Our relationships with 1) God 2) Family 3) Fellow Man 4) Ourselves
- REFOCUS: What matters most?!

President Thomas S. Monson- loved his entire talk on gratitude. I was just thinking the other day how awful it feels when people don't appreciate the hard work that you put into things. It's nice to be appreciated. I need to remember to keep an attitude of gratitude!
- Do we remember to give thanks for the blessings we receive?
- Prayerful life is the key to possessing gratitude.
- EXPRESS OUR LOVE AND GRATITUDE- we will never know if it will be too late to tell someone thank you or that you love them! (I've been trying to do better at expressing this to those I love!)
- How often do others spend hours working on something so hard to have us be ungrateful for everything that they have done. I was very touched by the story of the mom preparing the jack rabbit for Thanksgiving dinner and the kids being ungrateful and saying it looked disgusting. It broke my heart to think of how hard she worked and how ungrateful they were. I'm sure we have all done it a time or two, but I hope to not be so insensitive in the future.

Other things I really liked:
- Are we practicing selective obedience?
- President Eyring prayed what he should speak about. He prayed to know each of our needs and what we needed to hear. I thought that was very touching.
- Loved Boyd K. Packer's analogy of the voting on the gender of the kitten. I know it has caused quite the stir in the media.
- We must show the youth how to strengthen their testimony by strengthening our own.
- "To become what you want to be, be what you want to become."
- "The Lord is voting for you. Lucifer is voting against you, but it is your vote that counts."

Conference is the best! I'm so grateful for everything I was taught and for getting to spend some time in Fairview! Love that place!

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