Sunday, June 27, 2010


More happenings of the past week!

Country Rock Band! Pretty much, the best version of Rock Band! :) (no pictures for this one unfortunately)

We decided to have a little campfire and roast some marshmallows! What's summer without sitting around a campfire? :) We didn't take very many good pictures. But after breaking some wood with our bare hands we got that little campfire rolling and made some delicious s'mores! :)

We saw Toy Story in 3-D! Thus the glasses. :) It's a cute movie!

Went to an Orem Owlz game. They are a minor league team for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! :) As we were walking up to the ticket booth to buy our tickets a guy approaches us and asks us if we would like 3 tickets, for FREE! (They are behind Tandy in the picture!)

He said he didn't know how good the seats would be? We thanked him and his wife and went and found our seats! They were pretty freaking good! (You can't really tell in the pictures! But they were right behind home plate and pretty close! The moon looked awesome last night!)

When we went to the movies, we got a REALLY good parking spot. I told Tandy it was because I said my prayers that morning. We went shopping after the movie, and kept getting good parking spots. I said good thing I said my prayers that morning. After we got the free tickets to the game, I said it was a REALLY GOOD thing I said my prayers that morning! :) We had a great time! The game was really good! The Owlz won in the bottom of the 10th inning!

They had a fireworks show after! I love fireworks!

Hopefully this next week will be just as exciting as the last! :)

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