Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tandy's Visit

Here's what we've been up to since Tandy's been here.

We went to my roommate Megan's play. It was super cute and she did awesome!

Tandy played with our Spiders team for a tournament. It was a fun filled weekend of softball! :)

We spent the weekend at Aunt Patty and Uncle Steve's. We went to church (and matched without even planning it). Obviously picture worthy. :)

Lots of laying out by their pool. I read an entire book, in one afternoon :) and in the process got fried! Even though I did put sunscreen on!

Greg had a baseball game in Ephraim. We took lots of pictures on the way down. It was a long drive. :)

There was a lovely incident involving a parent of one of the kids. It's official, there are some CRAZIES out there! One of his memorable quotes, (At the top of his lungs) "Strike them out! They're just a bunch of MORONS!" Yes, those morons would be TWELVE years old. Seriously dude? They're TWELVE!

Other events with no pictures: lots of volleyball, basketball, and softball... open gyms... conditioning... Tennis Tuesdays... working out... One Tree Hill marathon. It's been a fun week!

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