Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happenings of the past week or so! :)

Lots has happened over the past week or so! :)

We had a BYE last Friday and so it was a fun filled week of basketball! We had a "Hoosiers" practice. We watched Hoosiers, and taught everyone how to shoot an underhanded freethrow like Ollie! :) If I would have only known this was the solution to our free throw problems! We would have done this a long time ago! Okay, not really! But we did watch the movie! Many hadn't seen it. Tragic, I know! Saturday we went to the BYU vs. UNLV women's basketball game, to watch Ashley (who now plays for UNLV and played for us last year!) and have a little team activity! It was way fun! We went out to dinner afterwards! I've said it before, I get to coach some of the COOLEST people ever! :) They're so funny! (You can almost see everyone in this picture)

Sunday we had a little get together for Ryan before he left for his mission to Belgium/Netherlands! As always, it was quite the party! Amy promised me pictures... I have yet to see them! This is the only one I've seen thus far! We also got to watch the Super Bowl! I was cheering for Wade's Colts and Austin Collie... but apparently it wasn't meant to be! I felt okay about the Saints winning though, since they had never won before!

Tuesday, we got to take a nice little trip out to Uintah, a 3 1/2 hour bus ride! Took me back to my good 'ol high school bus riding days to games! I forgot what it was like, since we are spoiled and most of the teams we play are 20 minutes away! It actually went by kind of quick and it was a fun little trip! All the girls slept pretty much! Us coaches had fun at the front of the bus! :) Glad we only have to do it once! :)

Mitch came down for President's Day weekend. We went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Patty's for a couple days. We watched Greg play some basketball. Can I just say, one rule that should be taught to little kids, especially seventh graders, these seventh graders at least. WHEN YOU ARE FOULING AT THE END OF THE GAME, you HAVE to go for the ball! These kids just shoved the kids to the ground. I'm not talking a little shove. It was border line football tackle! It got a little violent! Aunt Patty had to restrain me, I about got myself thrown out of the gym. (JOKE! Not even close!) But really! GO FOR THE BALL! Overall though, it was a nice, fun, relaxing weekend!

Tonight, we had a Valentine's dinner at Rosemary's! It was fantastic as usual. Good food, cool people, fun times! Although Scattergories got a little heated, overall I would say everyone had a good time. We're all a little too competitive! Ha!

Life is great. Really great.

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