Sunday, April 15, 2012

There's No Place Like Home- Spring Break 2012

I was able to go home for spring break this year! Dorothy had it right when she said... "There's no place like home." It's always enjoyable to go home and relax!

We started out the lovely adventure by towing Tandy's car, Cami, home, along with all of Tandy's stuff! It was quite the packing job in Salt Lake before we headed out. We were shameless passed by semi's along the way. However, we made it home safe and sound! It just took forever! :) 
We sincerely thought we were about to witness a train crash! There were two tracks... but it did NOT look that way!
Salute the cow! :)
Easter is one of my FAVORITE holidays! It is the first time I had been home for Easter since graduating from high school! So fun to celebrate with the fun activities, but more importantly a good time to remember the Savior and his sacrifice for us!
Dying Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt! 
The Easter Bunny came! :)
We had Easter Dinner at Sam and Jenny's, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt! 
Recovering from all the good food and festivities... 
Wade tried to bring back the mullet... (GROSS!)
Flying kites from the Easter Bunny!
Found this gem lying around the house... "Fun Fact: Oh wait... there is nothing fun about Wade!" :) Priceless! 
 Watched Wade's baseball game
 Wade's other game was cancelled, so we decided to go golfing with Aunt Linda! 
Waiting to tee off...
The WINNERS (by one stroke)
On the way home... all tuckered out! 
And finally... a little backyard baseball with the cows to end a fantastic week at home.
Dorothy really did have it right... there's no place like home!

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