Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Great Cup Adventure

We had some fun this basketball season... :) The Sophomore boys basketball team plays the game before us in the smaller gym, and they always practice in the gym we practice in right after us. With that in mind... they started the season and would always open the doors, peek their heads in, and see if we were done with practice. It was quite distracting. I may have yelled a few times, needless to say, they didn't come in our gym and distract us any longer. Continually after games, they would leave their cups all over the ground and who would get to pick them up? You guessed it, our team! I didn't appreciate it, so I told the boys that were on the team and in my English class to relay the message to PICK UP THEIR CUPS to the rest of their team. The next game... we came into the gym with all of the cups cleaned up... however, they were turned upside down along the bench where we all sit. HAHA funny joke! Wish I would have taken a picture. It was clever... but little did they know the war they started! :) We decided we had to come up with a plan for revenge! We decided we would buy 500 cups and spread them all over the gym after one of our practices, so they would have to clean them up and feel our pain! :) Supplies were purchased, however, we did not know when we would be able to execute the plan. The bleachers in the main gym were broken, the varsity girls had to practice in our gym, so we decided we would just watch game film. We figured the varsity boys would be in the G-wing and so we had to hang on to our fun little plan.

In the middle of watching film, one of the boys varsity coaches called to tell me they had stayed in the main gym, that the sophomore boys team would be in about 5:00 to practice in the G wing. We immediately began working on our plan. How perfectly everything was falling into place! :)

We rushed into the gym... locked the doors... and began to get to work! 

 Putting signs on the backboards...
 And cups in the nets...

 A nice cup pyramid...

We felt so proud of ourselves! And then... a sophomore boy poked his head in the door. Holli ran after him... and we held him hostage until the rest of his team got there. We couldn't let him ruin the surprise. Of course their coach was late to practice that day and so we had to wait a little longer... the girls booked it out another door, and we nonchalantly left practice (feeling quite pleased with ourselves might I add). We took the broom with us, so they couldn't just "sweep" them up!

The next morning I arrived to school, my window was covered with paper (which it never is!) and one lonely cup was placed on the handle of my door... I knew it couldn't be good! 
 I opened the door... and this is what I found...
 Apparently they had kept our 500... and went and bought 500 more...
 Along with some saran wrap... and went to town on destroying my classroom!
 Thankfully detention is held across the hall, and Binks sent some student's over to help clean it up!
 Random sophomore basketball boys kept popping their heads in my classroom to see my reaction and then running off. I would yell at them to get back here, and even chased after one of them to get some information! They had just rekeyed my classroom, and I couldn't understand HOW they got in! Apparently they had called the principal, and he was more than happy to let them in! He sold me out!
 So many cups!
I, of course, saved the two 20 gallon garbage bags full of cups for a later date. This meant WAR!!! We decided that we would wait until the very last day of the season to get them back! In the mean time, we saved as many cups as possible. Girls brought cups (used and new) into my classroom and we kept them in my closet. We had built up a collection come the last day of the season! :)

Our last game of the season was a girl's only game. The varsity played last. I came upon the sophomore teams locker combinations... my sources can't be revealed! After the game we headed down and began our revenge...
 All those cups... in all their lockers...
 The best part... was they had a game the next day! So we knew they would be in the locker room!

 The picture we sent to the coach wishing them good luck for the day! It's lucky that he and the principal don't have lockers... :)
A great way to end the season! So much fun with these girls! They came such a long way during the season! It was a privilege to be able to coach them!

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