Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cougars!

I barely missed a BYU sporting event while I lived in Provo. Since I've graduated, I've barely been to a BYU sporting event! Okay, that's not entirely true! But it's definitely not as frequent as it was in the past! Saturday was full of BYU sporting events! I forgot how much I enjoyed them!

It all started out with the BYU vs. UNLV Men's Basketball game. Rosemary was kind enough to sell me her ticket to the SOLD OUT game, because she was going to be out of town! The seat was great! The game was exciting, and seriously, there is nothing like being there in person! With JIMMERMANIA surrounding Provo, it was definitely way more CRAZY than when I went to games! Kind of hard to describe but it was sooo fun!

Jimmer in warm-ups!


The game was exciting! UNLV played extremely good defense on Jimmer, so it seemed like he really had an off game, but he finished with 29 points. I wish my off night was 29 points! He was still super entertaining to watch! It was fun to be able to go to a game again! Brought back lots of memories!

After the basketball game, I met up with Ashley and we went and grabbed some dinner and then headed to the BYU Men's Volleyball Game! Tracy met us at the game! Men's volleyball is ALSO entertaining to watch! They hit the ball so freaking hard!

 Waiting for the Game to Start

 Game Time

 Is there a cooler mascot than Cosmo? I say.... there is NOT!

The volleyball team swept UCLA 3-0. It was a fun day of BYU sports! Go Cougars!

Other noteworthy happenings:
  • I survived my first week of graduate school! It really wasn't too bad! I've become much better at time management and prioritizing and organizing! 
  • Teaching is still going well! I am really enjoying my classes.
  • We had our BYE week this week for basketball. Traditions started since I've been coaching at Springville: 
    • One day of practice consists of different games (shooting games, dribbling games, relays). The girls started out practice running lots, and I'm sure they thought it was going to be hell! But then we told them we were going to play games and they got so excited. Too funny!
    • "Hoosiers Practice" consists of eating food and watching the movie Hoosiers. Most of the girls have never seen this movie, so of course I have to introduce them to that awesomeness! They walk out of there wishing they could shoot underhand free throws like Ollie! It's always a good time! 
  • Basketball season is almost over! It has seriously gone by soooo fast! We have like three more games left! I don't know where the time goes? 
  • There was a parent meeting for softball last week. It's going to start before I know it! 
  • We had a cousin get together at Brick Oven this past week. We didn't document it with a picture. But it was fun to see everyone! Sure love all my cousins.
Life really is good! In church today a kid said, "I feel like I am God's favorite child because of all the blessings I am blessed with." I feel that way a little bit right now! I am definitely blessed!

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