Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cabin Trip 2

Slowly but surely I'll get caught up! :) Mom, Tracy, Troy, and I made another trip to the cabin with Grandpa and Barbara. It was a short one, just for one night. But as always, had a great time! :)

It was crazy all of the things we saw this trip! We were taking the chairs down to the river and a mouse popped out of one. (I didn't take a picture). But then, we were setting up the chairs, and found a scorpion in another chair. We saw a snake kill a fish, and then drag the fish down stream. There were lots of butterflies. And then, found a dead mouse in the cabin. Too much wildlife for one trip I would say! :)

We played lots of cards. Is anyone surprised? :) Troy even got in on the action with some Skip-Bo. Troy and I also went on a little walk down to Mule Bridge. LOVE the cabin!

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