Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's the new cool thing to do! :) I was first introduced when Mom hosted a BUNCO night one summer I was at home! I got to sub and play with them! It was a BLAST!

Then Tracy and all of her friends started a little tradition of playing every Christmas break. We usually get to join the fun.

There are always fun prizes for different things! And while I thought winning this goldfish was pretty cool...
FAST FORWARD to Wednesday when Jodi asked me to sub for her at her BUNCO group. I started out so so... and then the last couple of rounds... "I cleaned house" as someone put it! :) After all the rounds were over, I won the prize for MOST BUNCOS (The #1 prize)! Everyone wanted this bag for some reason? (I mean it's really cute! But you wouldn't believe how many people wanted it! haha) By the end of the night I was afraid I wouldn't make it home alive! ;)

Thanks Jodi for asking me to sub for you! I doubt I'll be asked back. Not everyone was a fan of the new person winning the best prize! :) Haha. What can I say... I'm a really good dice roller? Roller of dice? :) Vegas here I come.

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