Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to Utah!

Well after a couple week trip turned into a month long trip home, I was beyond sad to leave home and come back to Utah. I mean hello, look at all the fun things we did! It was definitely hard to leave. I had a safe, but extremely boring trip back! A 12 hour drive in the car by yourself is not very fun! Mom sent me with some books on tape. It kept me entertained for a little while. I remember HATING when she would listen to them when we would go places. Funny how I THOROUGHLY enjoyed them on my way back! :)

I spent the rest of that night re-organizing my room to fit my new bed in!

Our Phase 10 group got together and played cards! It was fun to play again! It had been too long! I love our little group! :)

We had a little reunion with some of the basketball girls who had graduated a couple years ago! We went to Red Robin and it was fun to see everyone! Can't believe we didn't take a picture! But 5 of the 6 that graduated that year were there (Ashley, Genna, Holli, Brandi, and Sorensen). We missed Kenzie! We had fun playing with little Charli and catching up!

After dinner, Genna, Allie, and I went to an Owlz game! No free tickets this time. But we had fun! :) Later that week, Rosemary, Jessica and I headed to the SCERA for an outdoor movie. We played a little Ticket to Ride before the movie started. I won by ONE point. :) Love hanging out with these people!
My goodness! I'm STILL going! Only a couple more to go! Can't stop now! :)

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