Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Game Ever Invented

I'm addicted. I admit it. It's been an addiction for awhile now. I'm finally coming to terms with it ;). I've passed my bad habit on to others. I feel bad about it. But it's just so much fun. Perhaps some priorities should change. Other than this, not much is new.

We had a kids softball clinic on Saturday. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Outside from 9-4, lots of sun and softball. It was great. I love, love, love, spring. Hope the weather stays like this for awhile! Forever, would be preferable.

Blake blessed his cute little baby today. We had a great time. Why? Because Thackeray parties are the BEST, duh!

Afterwards, Jess, Janna, Tracy, and I stopped by the temple, and took a couple of pictures, along with fifty billion other people.

It was a good weekend. And now... onto another week. A busy week. There's graduations to be celebrated, lots of work to be done, and 6 softball games in 6 days. Yes, you heard me right. We have a game EVERY SINGLE day of this upcoming week! Bring it on. :)


  1. Where are your shoes silly woman!? Am I going to be able to see you when I am in town?

  2. I was wearing white shoes and stepped in MUD. I realized after we took the picture that I hadn't put them back on. Of course the picture that turned out is the one without me wearing shoes. Thanks for pointing that out. I was hoping no one would notice! :) Haha! I'll be seeing you for sure! Can' wait!