Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Break

Christmas Break has come and gone and I only wish it could have been just a little bit longer! It was fun to be home and see friends and family and RELAX! December had been a stressful month! I started subbing for Nancy (our head coach) full time at the high school, because she had a baby, and I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning! I think I have it down now! :) But by the time the break rolled around I was definitely ready for it!

Mitch drove down from Idaho, picked me up after our game against Sky View, went to Aunt Janene’s stayed the night and headed home the next day! It was a LONG drive, as usual, and THANKFULLY the weather was really good. (minus the FOG!) And THANKFULLY Mitch drove the ENTIRE way! So to be honest it was an EASY trip for me! :) It was nice to just get home and be HOME.

Here’s some pictures to give a recap of the trip! Much more enjoyable than my boring recaps!

We got to decorate gingerbread houses which we haven’t done in awhile! It was fun to be able to do that again with everyone! We cheated a little bit and didn’t actually MAKE the gingerbread like we had in years past! But it was still way fun to decorate and hang out with everyone!

Some of us scrimmaged the high school team one day. It was so fun to play together again. Even after all these years we still dominated. It made me miss the good ‘ol days that’s for sure!

We had a little mini-class reunion! Haha… not really! But kind of... :) It was fun to see everyone I graduated with, cuz I haven’t seen some of them for way too long! We went to lunch at the pub, and ran into some other people as well! It was fun to see everyone and catch up! Pretty soon it will be our 10 year reunion…. Um… RIDICULOUS! I’m getting way old!

There was the annual CIDER PONG Harris Christmas Party. It never fails to entertain all involved. :) Troy was my partner this year, and it was too much fun! Sad to say we didn’t take home those trophies. But it was nice to see Chris and Mitch GET BEAT and NOT defend their championship! :)

Speaking of Chris and Mitch… after the Cider Pong festivities, it was brought up in conversation that THEY could beat me and Jaclyn in a game of 2 on 2, and then it turned into Jaclyn and Staci in a game of 2 on 2! Everyone was ready for them to play and settle it on the court, waiting in the high school parking lot for the key to arrive, but no such luck! So the game never went down. BUT… I’m pretty sure Jaclyn and Staci would have won! :)

We had Christmas Eve at Grandpa Berry’s as usual. The highlight for everyone I’m sure, was all of us kids rocking out on the Wii with American Idol! With us being so musically talented and all! :) Even if it sounded horrible, we had a good time!

Our first Christmas in the new house! We didn’t open presents too early! But Santa hooked us all up as usual! :)The grandparents came over for breakfast! And everyone enjoyed playing the new Wii!

We played lots of games during the break! Phase 10, Balderdash, BUNCO, and lots of other games with the family! Oh and watched the BYU-Oregon State football game! :)Go Cougars!

It was a GREAT break! And like I said before way too short! It was fun to see family and friends and to be home!

And special thanks to mom for helping me write my talk :) So that I had time to update this lovely little blog! :)


  1. Sorry to overwhelm u Jill and throw a whole bunch of things at ya at once with school and basketball! I sure do appreciate u a ton and all ur help! I would never survive without u!!!! I'm glad u had a good break and Christmas with family! :)

  2. I'm jealous. Going home isn't going to be a very easy thing for me for the next 5 years. Stupid Texas... why do you have to be so far away!! Sounds like you still had fun with out me (if it is possible) ... and I was actually just thinking about he class reunion. I think I am going to start searching for ideas among the classmates here soon. Hope to see you in April. Daylin and I might come up for Jessica's graduation.