Sunday, December 6, 2009


Stress!!! I HATE it! Last week was stressful to say the least! Too much to do, and not enough time to do it! Sometimes trying to do it all is not the best solution to getting everything done! Things just start to pile up and you reach a breaking point! I was pretty much to the breaking point and on my way to school Thursday, I stopped by the grocery store to get cash, and when I came back out my car would not start!


After calling my dad, one of the girl’s on my team and I went and jumped it during lunch. After about 8 different times, and some guy trying to help us telling me it was probably the alternator (but really he just probably thought we were incapable or something) :) we got it to start! So now I have to take it in to see if I need a new battery or an alternator! It started that night on my way home from practice! So here’s to hoping it’s just a new battery! :)

We had games in St. George Friday and Saturday and while it was stressful to get everything ready to go, once we got down there it was relaxing and I came home MUCH LESS STRESSED out and a little rejuvenated! The games went well, and the girls had a good time I think! I didn’t get very much sleep, making sure everyone stayed in their rooms and went to SLEEP! But overall, we won and we had a good time! So here’s to another week! A snowy week! Boo!!! Let’s hope it is WAY less stressful!

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