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Dixie Basketball Camp

I.AM.SO.FAR.BEHIND.IT.IS.UNREAL! Really, the entire school year went by without a post. There was a small one explaining that I finished my Master's! But, other than that... I got NOTHING! So... rather than dig into the seemingly insurmountable task that lies ahead in catching up, I figured on starting with the most recent and working my way backward, in an attempt to hopefully be caught up by the end of the summer! Two more months? Hopefully I can do it! :) I'm giving you advanced warning now: I apologize for the excessive posts!

One of my favorite parts of coaching in the summer is the trip to St. George for the Dixie State basketball camp. This was our third year going! We have a great time and you get to play a LOT of basketball games! We started off the trip real excited! :) With a 7 am departure time we hit the road. And then we got to the Benjamin exit to pick up Sienna and the suburban broke down! After a minor delay, we got a school van and were on our way! 

 Snapchat was in full force throughout the week! Our fun car full of people! :)
We got to the hotel and checked in! Coaches had a meeting and we were off to start the week of games! We played A LOT of games throughout the week! Sophomore and JV were undefeated throughout the pool play part of it! We didn't have many close games! But we LOVE winning :) So that part was fun! Plus, we made our own fun throughout the games. Things like: singing the persons name who you were subbing for; watching other teams coaches freak out (i.e. the Bulldogs); playfully mocking other coaches words; the list could go on! :)

Funny quotes of the week:  (all of which are probably "you had to be there moments!" but I feel as though I need to document them!)

Bulldogs coach: "Why did you do that?"
Bulldogs player: **Rolls eyes and ignores coach.**
Bulldogs coach: "Oh, so that's how it's gonna be? You're done!"

"You're done!" became the phrase of the week! :)

Lyndsie Jordan had her own book of funny quotes:

Jill: (yelling) WHO HAD HELP?
Lyndsie: I yelled it, but I didn't have it!

Jill: (telling them which play to run) Utah!
Lyndsie: (after running the play and scoring) Hey! It actually worked!

Holli: "That's my goal, make Lydia cry!"
Lyndsie: "Push her in the pool with her phone and iPod and then she'll cry."

These next quotes were not so much funny as they were appalling! We couldn't believe she actually said them to her players!

Bulldogs coach:
- Come on B**** we have a game to play!
- Come on chubby wubby! I love Nay Nay but she's too fat for her own life.
- Pam, will you work? Come on Pam. Go Pam.
- Buckets!

The Bulldogs teams were our own form of entertainment! :)
Beating them was even more entertaining! :)

We also enjoyed watching the NBA finals throughout the week! There were some great games! The night of Game 7 we had a dinner reservation at 8:00 pm! We went shopping before, and most of us holed up in Dick's Sporting Goods Hunting Department to watch the game! We borrowed chairs from them and all! :)
After dinner, we made it back to the hotel in time for the 4th quarter. We split up by room (Heat vs. Spurs)! This was the good room! :) 
The week was spent eating breakfast at the hotel, heading off to games, meeting up for lunch at Dixie State College, playing more games, and then meeting up for dinner. Break times were spent at the pool, making runs to Swig, and doing a little shopping. Most of our time was spent in the gym, which was a good thing because it was SO hot! 
Sure love these seniors (a couple are missing)! It is always a little bitter-sweet as you start Dixie because the old group of seniors is gone and a new group has come! I will miss the old group, but sure do love the new group and am excited for the upcoming year!
The sophomore and JV teams were undefeated entering the tournament. Sophomore team got a #1 seed, JV got a #2 seed. Both teams had first round byes. First-round byes are the BANE of my existence! For the past three years, we've gone undefeated and then receive the first round bye and get knocked out next round. This year was no different. First round bye, out in the next round! The annoying thing about this year was that the team we lost to , we beat by 30 when we played them earlier in the week. Three really good players magically appeared for the tournament, and there we went in the first round for the third year in a row. Yes, I'm still bitter about it! And yes, Holli, I still blame you! ;)
We headed over to the JV games. They had a couple of close ones, ended up beating BOTH Bulldogs teams, and won the championship! :) It was an extremely successful week at camp!
On the way home, we stopped in Cedar to eat lunch. Nancy was playing in the Summer Games, so we took the girls over to watch her play. She had quite the cheering section and played great! It was an excellent way to cap off our trip!
So thankful for the opportunities that coaching brings me. So many great friendships and memories have been made over the years and for that I am so grateful!

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