Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Week!

I had a great birthday this year! I have only NOT been home for 2 of my 27 birthdays! Crazy! But despite not being home, it was a pretty great day! In fact, it turned into birthday WEEK!

Monday started off with an Orem League Championship! We had to beat the team twice in order to win it and we did! It was such a fun summer coaching these girls!
Tuesday... we reinstated Tennis Tuesday! :)
I also found out... I won a photo contest! :)
Wednesday... I had a birthday celebration with Genna, Holli, Brandi, and Ashley. We went to Red Robin, Holli's mom made me cupcakes and a cake, we watched the Olympics. It was a fun celebration.
The Olympics have been absolutely incredible. I love the Olympics. So entertaining! I will say gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball are my favorite by far! :)

Thursday, the actual day of my birthday, Tracy and I went and got facials and pedicures. We went to Magelby's Fresh and Coldstone. The Park's made me some birthday treats. I was able to chat with Mandi for a little bit. Then I went over to the Averett's. In true Olympic fashion, we played some outdoor volleyball (Holli and I beat Hannah and Ashli), we watched the Olympics and they all sang happy birthday! :) Holli made a delicious cake!
I sent Mom a picture of them singing... she replied with this:
Such a musically inclined family... :) But seriously... I have the best friends and family! My phone went off all day with phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages! I sure did feel loved! Overall, it was a great day! A great WEEK! Thank you all for making it special! :) Here's to another year! :)

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