Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Comes to Visit

Over MLK weekend, Mom, Aunt Linda, Uncle Don, and Melissa came into town to watch a couple of Tandy's games. It just so happened that we had that Friday off of school, so I was able to make a long weekend of it.

Thursday night they arrived in Utah. I was down at Aunt Patty's, beginning to grade papers. We had pizza and hung out at the house that night, catching up.

Friday we hung out during the morning and watched movies. I graded papers. We secretly had shirts made for Tandy for the weekend. So Stacey, Mom, Tandy, and I headed off to her game in Ephraim, while everyone else got ready for the game.
 The specially made t-shirts (front and back)
 Watching the game in Ephraim...
After the game at Snow, Karl, Karry, and Jami Seaver came over and we had a nice little dinner and everyone enjoyed catching up

Watching the game in Salt Lake...
 Tandy was especially excited we were all there... she even gave us a thumbs up!
 Post game pictures! All the Thackeray girls.
 Tandy and I...
 The best cheering section ever! :)

Saturday after the game in Salt Lake, we went out to Texas Roadhouse! Watched the 49ers win a great game! And ate entirely too much food!

We spent Sunday attending church, watching lots of football and movies (and grading papers... notice the recurring theme! I got them all graded however!), and playing cards. We also had a nice dinner with everyone.

Monday we did much of the same. It was fun to have everyone there and to get to hang out for the weekend! We had a great time! Needs to happen again, soon! :) Love you guys!

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