Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beginning of the School Year

I wish the blog updates were a little more exciting. It's more for journaling purposes for me! So SORRY if you're bored! :)

This summer FLEW by! School started out smoothly, well... as smoothly as juggling teaching, coaching, advising Special Ed students, and taking a class myself for my Master's Degree can go I suppose! :)

Tandy got a full ride to play basketball at College of Eastern Utah at the last minute. So Mom, Tracy, and Tandy all caravaned out to get everyone settled for the new year! We all met up in Grantsville to watch Greg play some football! We brought him the good luck! He played very well!
The next day I had a volleyball tournament. It was a long day... thus the face! :)
Tracy and Tandy got moved into their new places. Saturday, we had planned to make a day out of hanging out with Aunt Janene and family, except my volleyball team kept winning, and we took 2nd in our tournament! So we only had time for a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Aunt Janene and Katy. That night we stayed in a hotel in Salt Lake.

The next morning we headed to Dugway, for Shannon Thackeray's farewell. It was fun to see some Thackeray's we don't see all the time! Soon after the farewell... we were off to Rosemary's for our beginning of the year cousin's dinner! Sadly this is the only picture of the trip to Dugway! (I'm sure Tandy will appreciate this!)
Rosemary's was AWESOME as always! I'll let the pictures do the talking! She made delicious food as always! And we had quite the crowd with all the visitors in town! Love our family!
Girls in Our Family
Daylin was LOVING her some ice cream! 
Three Finger Smile (Elsa's face is PRICELESS!)
Vogue... or something like that... picture frame? 
Love our family get togethers! 
It was a fun weekend! I was glad that Mom was able to come out! I'm sure Tracy and Tandy appreciated it as well! :)

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