Thursday, March 18, 2010


We had our end of the season banquet for the JV/Sophomore team last week! It was so fun to have one last get together with everyone! One of the girls made me a scrapbook and had everyone write me a letter to put in it! I love it! Best present ever.
This is one of the pages that's in the book:

Notice the caption on the right... in case you can't read it, it says: "Right before you got kicked out of the Spanish Fork game." Which brings me to the point of the post.

Before basketball season ended I was talking to a basketball referee who lives in Springville and works for the UHSAA with scheduling the refs and things like that. I told him about my lovely little story and what had happened earlier in the year. I basically just wanted to know his thoughts on what had happened. I saw him the other day and he informed me that he had called the referee that ejected me and in not so many words gave him a little talking to and explained that I should not have been ejected from the game. While it obviously didn't change anything that happened, it made me feel much better about everything that did happen! JUSTICE! It's a beautiful thing. Next time something CRAZY happens I know who to talk to in order to get things straightened out. :)

Sidenote: We had a softball game today, the sophomores won 5-2. Our game got done and we headed over to the varsity game (they play the same time we do). We were down by 2 going into the bottom of the 7th. We get bases loaded. One of our girls hits a WALK OFF GRAND SLAM to win the game. It was so great. :)

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